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Beginner Strength Training Program

12 Apr 2023

This is the perfect program to get you started in the gym. You will be moving 3 days per week, but each day has a different training focus. Monday and Friday are designed as your strength days, on these days the program will take you through all the foundational movement patterns to boost your metabolism, build lean mass, shape your body and build strength. 

On Wednesday, we designed an interval-based conditioning workout. This is all about getting your heart rate up, and then letting it come down in your rest period. This workout will help develop stamina and resilience to promote a healthy cardiovascular system. 

We recommend following this program for 4 weeks or until you are familiar and confident with the foundational gym movements. Once confident, you can then transition to the mass building or lower body strength programs to create your own 8-week strength training program. If you’re unsure about any movements in the program we recommend speaking with your club manager or personal trainer at your Jetts gym.



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