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Upper Body Bias Training Program

26 Apr 2023

This strength training program is designed for people wanting to focus on building their upper body, without the expense of losing their lower body mass. 

We have built a program that includes; posterior, anterior and whole body days into your primary lifting sessions for the week. This will provide enough frequency and volume for growth, provided you are eating in a calorie surplus. The magic of this upper body strength program is really in the rest of the days. Lift heavy and controlled 3 days a week, then rest and recover for one day before hitting the gym again. 

This program achieves the best results over a 4-week period. You can choose to combine this program with lower body bias to create your own 8-week strength training program.  If you’re unsure about any movements in the program we recommend speaking with your club manager or personal trainer at your Jetts gym.

Download Upper Body Training Program