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21 Day Plan: Day 1 to 11

22 Mar 2023

We are beyond excited to welcome you to the Jetts family — we have a wonderful 21 days ahead of you. In this program, you will get to know all the funky looking machines, and odd-shaped implements and you will start to build lifelong habits that will get you fit, healthy and feeling spectacular! Your first day is a simple one. We need to see where you are at.

Grab a cuppa and meet our Training Gym Head Coach Bart as he takes you through what to do on your first day in the gym.



Day 01: Benchmark Test


Benchmark Test

1 minute work / 1 minute rest

  • DB Push Press
  • Goblet Squat
  • DB Burpee
  • Machine Assisted Pull
  • Rower




Day 02: Get To Know The Neighbours

We hope you aren’t too sore or tight from yesterday’s efforts. We will explain how to avoid this soreness later on in the plan, but for now, welcome to your first strength workout.

Today we will introduce you to the pin-loaded machines.


Full Body Workout

3 Sets / 8-10 Reps / 1 minute rest

  • DB Push Press
  • Goblet Squat
  • DB Burpee
  • Machine Assisted Pull
  • Rower




Day 03: Nutrition For Beginners

Today we let the body recover and start to sow the seeds of good nutritional habits. What we eat is essential for good health and fitness, but what’s the best ‘diet’ for you? And what foods should you actually eat?




Day 04: Full Body Workout: Free The Weights!

Today we will expand your exercise vocabulary by introducing you to the world of free weights. Free weights are simply weights that aren’t machines, and they are a very effective tool for all goals within the gym. It would be remiss of us to not show you the basics!

In today’s workout we will be using the same rep and set scheme as day 2, but with some different free weight movements.


Full Body Workout

3 Sets / 8-10 Reps / 45 sec rest

  • KB Goblet
  • Single Arm DB Row
  • DB Chest Press
  • KB Deadlift
  • Alternating V-Sit Toe Touch




Day 05: What Is Integrated Training?

The body is a complex integrated system — so complex that we don’t fully understand it.

What we do know is that nothing within the body works in isolation. This is an important thing to remember when it comes to your training, and indeed your recovery.




Day 06: Mindfulness

Your brain is amazing. So amazing, that it has the power to control things in your body that you don’t consciously know how to. Due to its breadth of power, it is often referred to as the ‘central governor of the body’.

This is an essential responsibility, thus we need to give our noggin a break sometimes, if we don’t, we may start to see some deleterious effects on our physical health and our mental health.

Today’s homework is to give your brain a break. If you commit to this practice that Bart explains (emphasis on practice, stick with it!), you may feel yourself functioning better in all aspects of your life. Including in the gym. Learn to train your mind to stay present while controlling your attention to positive thoughts.




Day 07: Are You Prepared?

When it comes to making healthy choices in your nutrition, having the foresight and thinking ahead is a great practice to adopt.
Living in modern days means there is an abundance of food available to us 24 hours a day. And, be honest, we have all fallen victim to the easy option of the oily burrito as a quick lunch option.

As a proud new member of the Jetts family, we want to gently encourage you to avoid the ‘easy option’ situation by preparing your own cooked, nutritious and delicious food ahead of time.

Trust us, get into the practice of doing this long enough and you will be blown away by the impact of this simple habit.




Day 08: Cardio Workout

Today, my good friends, we dive headfirst into the wonderful world of cardiorespiratory training. A structured strength training routine is the foundation for our Training Gym philosophy.

The bigger the foundation, the greater you can build your fitness house through conditioning work. So this is why we are only encouraging 1 isolated cardio session per week, on top of your strength/integrated sessions.

Trust us, when you harness the power of strength training and then strategically add more cardio you will see some incredible long-term results.
Today your session is all about intervals. High-intensity intervals no less. Repeated bouts of effort followed by an all-important rest period.

Bring a towel to this one…


Cardio Workout (8 rounds)

Find a piece of cardio equipment – Treadmill, Rower, Assault Bike etc.

  • 20 sec Work @ 80-90% Effort
  • 40 Sec Rest @ 50% Effort




Day 09: Full Body Workout

So we have spent some time with the machines, began a (hopefully) passionate love affair with free weight exercises and have felt the benefits of cardiorespiratory training.

Now we can start mixing all of these elements to create a beautiful symphony of progressive fitness. Today we will be using some different machines and introducing a few new movements, including some core work.


Full Body Workout

3 Sets / 8-10 Reps / 1 minute rest

  • KB Deadlift
  • Walking Lunge
  • Cable Row
  • Zottman Curl
  • Hollow Extension




Day 10: The Deal With Protein

Protein. You have heard it’s important, yes? Well, we are here to remind you there are so many reasons why we talk about it so much.

That being said, we don’t need to rush out and buy the biggest tub of powder we can find. Your mission is to simply make protein consumption a habit. We are slowly adding more simple habits into your lifestyle. Consistently perform these 1%ers and over time you will see their true power.




Day 11: Integrated Training

Oh mama! Lace up your trainers teamo, we gettin’ fit today! Yehaawww! This is your first integrated energy system session. Translation: strength and conditioning within the one workout.

Your mission is to make the first 3 exercises challenging by increasing the weight being used (with good technique of course). Don’t forget to take longer rests after these sets. And for the second part, unleash your inner athlete and get the work done!


Full Body Workout

3 Sets / 6-8 Reps / 1 minute rest

  • Leg Press
  • DB Arnold Press
  • Bent Over KB Row
  • 200m Row
  • 10 Step Up
  • 10 Up Down